Business Plans

Glink Art Global Group

(The old name was Glink Arts JSC)
Abbreviation name: Glink Art Global Group., Inc
Tax code: 84- 4951975
Address: 2114 senter rd ste 19, San Jose, CA 95112
Tel: (+1) – 714 – 795- 2398, 408- 609-7218
Fax: 408 217-1236
Email: [email protected]

Address 2: 9358 Valley Blvd, Rosemead, Ca 91770
Tel: (+1) – 408- 533-8724,
Fax: 408 217-1236
Email: [email protected]
Representative: David Chinh Truong
Managed by the Law Office: Tu Huy Hoang

Address: 10810 Wanner Ave Suite 12, Fountain Valley, Ca 92708
Tel: (+1) – 714- 636-030
Fax: 714-636-6048

Glink Arts Global Group is a consultant of Phi Group Holding Capital and international auditor by Mr. Madhava Rao Mankal Scc Audit

1.1 Investor
Glink Art Global Group was established on July 2, 2019 in the state of WYOMING by Artist David Chinh Truong


Last Supper

Composed In 2010
By David Chinh Truong

International Awards in France 2016.

The award he was awarded in France in 2016

David Truong Chinh's Return in 2018

He was welcomed by local fans when he returned after more than 12 years away from home. Welcome event taking place in 2018

Fine Arts Awards 2019

David Chinh Truong received awards

In America 2019

There are also the artwork by Pablo Picasso that Glink owns

Painting By Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso painted it in 1946

The Painting Glink owns

Composed in 1946 – By Pablo Picasso

The Painting Glink owns

Composed in 1956
By Pablo Picasso

  1. Introduction about the investor.

Glink is a company that creates Art products, sells and distributes high quality art. The company provides a system for connecting customers with service providers through the use of technology-based applications, in addition to entertainment applications.

The Glink App on iOS and Android will help customers and communities around the world participate in the contest or vote to vote for the most talented, musical prodigy, and contestants. Winning each performance will be rewarded with cash or in kind and exclusive intellectual property rights with the company. Every year in the summer, the contestants can perform the shows organized by the company and enjoy the compensation policy for each show with fields such as:

  1. Singers / musicians, artists, composers and performers …
  2. Actors
  3. Painters
  4. Poet
  5. Miss and Model art shows such as: Clothing, and Stage Performance.

Candidates who win prizes at the national level will be invited to participate in international competitions. The company will sign an exclusive contract, and sponsor a scholarship when winning outstanding awards.

Contract terms with musical prodigies and outstanding talent will be signed from 2 years to 5 years, performing live shows in the US or live shows across the world in summer are held every year; In addition, Glink enables these talents to be connected with event planners, advertisers or program makers and tour the world. American Idol, Got Talent Show, but on a completely exclusive and branded basis and manner by Glink).

Charity competition sales programs will be conducted in 2019 and 2020 In Vietnam and the USA.

1.2. Vision

Becoming an “Official and Professional Distributor” to meet the requirements of customers, being a strategic partner of major domestic and foreign manufacturers and traders.

Becoming one of the leading companies operating in the field of art activities in Vietnam and internationally with high efficiency.

1.3 Objectives

To expand production and business activities to meet the growing needs of the market. Become a strategic distributor in domestic and foreign markets. Build a network of consumers with stable demand, high value around the globe.

1.4. Mission

Desiring to bring to customers the best quality and most suitable products, the best quality for all investment fields. Meet the highest in accordance with the needs of use with the best service quality, reasonable price.

  • 1.4.1 Sales plan
    Glink Art Capital Holding has built a team of professional staff to best serve customers based on the corporate culture under a unique and innovative business model and strive to overcome the fierce competition of the market. The school, constantly learning to improve professional qualifications, lies in bringing financial freedom to investors through art and technology …
    During the epidemic, Glink connected the globe with unlimited space and time, developed an online and offline sales system, opened zoom training training courses and brought good results.
    Build a sales system at all levels of agents and enjoy commissions in accordance with the laws set forth by countries such as the United States and Vietnam.
    prepare for the integration process, welcome large corporations, mobilize the participation of many economic sectors. Build a common community of employees, employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

1.5. Quality Policy

With the aim of always satisfying customers and towards perfection, the motto accompanies us throughout the operation:

  • Dedicated service.
  • Continuously improving
  • Desire to rise.
  • Quality products.

1.6 Core Values

  • Artwork
  • Create art playground
  • Trade connection with customers, investors, business enthusiasts, art enthusiasts
  • Sustainable development win / win
  • Bringing people closer together
  • Build a better and better society.

1.7 The ability to meet Supply and Demand.

To meet the needs of collectors buying Art paintings, Glink Group will be present in Vietnam in 2021 to meet this need.

The supplier strength manifests itself in the following characteristics:

  • The importance of product quantity for the supplier.
  • The difference of the providers
  • The influence of the inputs.

Existence of alternative suppliers.

For Glink, there is no pressure to produce because it is selling art products under franchised intellectual property, developing a network of clubs under the establishment of the state to distribute Glink group products.

There is no pressure from competitors even though the project has just started to operate.

Due to the creativity of the Group Chairman with many years of experience and has studied business administration in training programs organized by the European Community Commission, from the extensive knowledge that he learned. now put into practice and retrained for the company’s employees, with the new approach applied in accordance with international standards on a technology platform and applying the company’s salary and share bonus policy at In the United States, customers who invest in painting are given shares in the form of slabs so it has become a public company, customers can own shares out of a total issue of 1 billion shares. Part: Therefore attractive to the market and attractive to investors because they will all enjoy business benefits, and are co-owners of shares of the company, and receive periodic profit distribution; Thus, everyone can dedicate and work ceaselessly to introduce new customers to invest and work for the company.

The company applies promotional policies, increases discounts, increases commissions and rewards shares to attract customers to invest in and buy consumer goods on glinkshop to expand the consumer market to develop more and more. stronger.


July 2, 2019 and 2020 Glink Owned 5 companies in Vietnam.

And has been operating effectively with a turnover of US $ 2 million in the past two years, creating jobs for more than 2,000 officers and members in Vietnam and the United States.

The plan for 2021 will document the legalization of sales and ownership of subsidiaries in Vietnam for tax and revenue reporting as well as auditing and transparent reporting in the United States.

Ecosystem 1:

July 2, 2019 Open headquarters for selling paintings at:

Abbreviation Glink Arts International., Inc

Old name (Glink Arts JSC).

Tax code: 84- 4951975

Address: 2114 senter rd ste 19, San Jose, CA 95112

Tel: (+1) – 714 – 795- 2398, 408- 609-7218

Fax: 408 217-1236

Email: [email protected]

Representative office in San Jose.

– In June 2020, Glink officially opened a store with the following brands: Glink Fine Art Gallery; Address: 9358 Valley Blvd, Rosemead, Ca 91770.
– In addition to the company’s commercial pages, the association with other partners such as:

Glink Arts Global Group sells franchise paintings and offers shares to customers.

Event at the Art Show.

Ecosystem 2:

From July 2, 2019 to December 31, 2020, the app design applies branded technology: Glink Shop / online marketplace on iOS and Android app platforms.

– Glink Company recruits people and researches the market, and perfectly designed an e-commerce site called Glink shop running on the App IOS and Endroy platform. Glink Shop was completed on June 1, 2020. Currently in the process of trial use, and within a short time, nearly 10,000 customers turn to download the free trial. This has the basis to form and develop a reputable e-commerce platform in the US and the largest scale in Vietnam in the future and then will implement franchising plans for other countries. , below is the e-commerce site used on the technology App platform and officially has revenue since 2021.
Website: GLINK SHOP (customers can download the app)

Ecosystem 3: Producing coffee branded GLINK ART COFFE for export to the US to provide for the wholesale and retail markets on the

company’s system

in addition to providing for Asian and worldwide markets.

Glinkshop has cooperated with Minh Phuong factory and brought the company brand to launch the first product to supply to Vietnamese and international markets.

Manufacturing and exporting Coffee brand Glink art Coffee.
Coffee Glink is redeemed by everyone because there are Linh Chi ingredients in it that help to make customers welcome and future customers will export all over the world and especially for markets in 50 states. .

Chain stores in Hanoi.

Ecosystem 4:  Glink Media Event Specialist

Glink Media has been licensed since 2020.
Specializes in organizing events and awarding international awards for Fine Arts and Arts. In addition, it will develop synchronously and can organize international shows and events in the US if the Covid 19 situation is terminated. If not, option 2 will be implemented in Vietnam because it will return to normal here because of the prevention of covid translation.
The contest is scheduled to launch in January 2021. The launch of this Communication Department promises to bring a great source of revenue for the Company in 2021 and the following years.
– Organize Glink events, art competitions, search for musical genius talent and own talent, organize global beauty contests, establish professional journalism clubs, development of Glink group newspapers. specializes in advertising, web, movies … Bringing hundreds of websites to advertise for Glink in states of America, Europe, Asia, Vietnam …

– The competitions are conducted online every year and every December, the company will hold the Grand Final Night to award the International Music Prodigy Award selected from the first prize of the country.
– Expected to be held at big theaters or stadiums with a capacity of 20,000 to 40,000 attendees, expected revenue growth (applying policies to sell pictures online, auctions, to give charity gifts … promote the company on stage).
Expected to hold from 4 to 6 concerts in Vietnam.
+ Awarding international fine arts awards
Young talented singer,
+ Prodigy of music
– The company will hold contests to find young talent to bring back to the US.
– Through these contests, the company will sell more art works because of promoting press communication and advertising on mass media channels. Development of corporate magazines and information sites:, Glink news,…..

Ecosystem 5: Establishment of GLAND Group has acquired the LanHa project and built the Glink LanHa hospital

Building a resort and hotel, together with international tourism services, building Glink art museum to attract international visitors to visit and relax in Vietnam
– Development plans and strategies in the real estate service sector can thrive in Vietnam and attract shareholders to contribute capital to build the brand of Glink Group from the United States because of its true foundation. , with stocks that are attractive and reputable for investors looking for listed interests on US stock exchanges.
– Regarding the current project, the company bought land and owned 6’7 ha at Long Thanh airport in Ho Chi Minh City. The land project has been converted by shares from Mr. Ha Van Lan and Mr. Nguyen Hong Diep signed the transfer of capital contribution to the company to build the company. (see the appendix attached to relevant papers).
– Expected plan in the fourth quarter of 2021 By the fourth quarter of 2024, Glink will build a 5-star Hospital and a resort together with the land area for housing and apartment construction with a total investment value of over 25,000,000,00 (Twenty five thousand billion Vietnam Dong equivalent to 100,000,000.00 million USD.)
– Museum campus, high-class apartments.
– Garden villas; Ecotourism.
– A retirement home for high-income people (for Vietnamese expatriates and overseas tourists in Vietnam).
– Additional services such as culinary restaurants and hotels.
– Both investment and linkage to develop attached ecosystems.
– Expected to come into operation after 3 years of project construction. Sa Ban project.

Ecosystem 6:
– Plan for cooperation and construction of agro-product factories, purchasing agricultural products for consumption and utility with permits, ensuring export to the US and international markets.

Alt Text
Alt Text
Alt Text

Ecosystem 7: Open a chain of hotels and eco-tourism, and build an art school and a system of Glink museums
Specializes in organizing international exhibition events and auctions.
Selling Franchise paintings under agency levels and carrying offices in 63 provinces across Vietnam and expanding in the US

Alt Text
Alt Text

Ecosystem 8: Sponsor and build chains of church systems and developers of television media and Bible schools in many countries

Ecosystem 9: GLINKTUBE

Our mission is to give everyone a voice and show them the world.

We believe that everyone deserves to have a voice, and that the world is a better place when we listen, share and build community through our stories.

Our values are based on four essential freedoms that define who we are.

Freedom of Expression

We believe people should be able to speak freely, share opinions, foster open dialogue, and that creative freedom leads to new voices, formats and possibilities.

Freedom of Information

We believe everyone should have easy, open access to information and that video is a powerful force for education, building understanding, and documenting world events, big and small.

Freedom of Opportunity

We believe everyone should have a chance to be discovered, build a business and succeed on their own terms, and that people—not gatekeepers—decide what’s popular.

Freedom to Belong

We believe everyone should be able to find communities of support, break down barriers, transcend borders and come together around shared interests and passions.

Ecosystem 10
– Producing Glink Car brand cars (Technology from USA).

Ecosystem 11
– Manufacturing civil aircraft (Brand Glink Technology USA).
Information is updated on the website of the Company

– Due to the Covid-19 situation most companies go bankrupt and cancel their listing on the floor in 2020 and 2021.
– For Glink Arts Global Group is still on the rise, with revenue and interest tax reporting in 2019 and 2020.
There is no doubt that Glink is ready for the OTC Market listing and will grow continuously, Glink’s shares will increase in value, contributing to the rapid recovery of the US economy.
In 2021 the company plans to use the Vietnamese market as a springboard for economic development to support IPO in the US, Glink Group plans to buy back some companies doing well in Vietnam. and technology transfer, allowing brokerage companies in Vietnam to sell franchises and combine the group’s stock sale, GLINK attracts many large investors in the Vietnamese and national stock markets. health.
Talking of the vibrant New York stock market, this has attracted international investors, because Glink Arts will be the first art company to successfully list on the stock exchange, a new phenomenon that makes investors Investors cannot ignore this golden potential opportunity.

Key to the success of Glink Arts Global Group is to put your faith in God-given.

The head of the group Mr. David Chinh Truong has assigned 70% of his current assets worth over US $ 250 million, a dedication to the development of the company, Mr. David Chinh Truong is Pastor Am Music, he is a natural gifted man from God. Become a celebrity in the Vietnamese and international community,
Artist David Chinh Truong is a celebrity in many fields, so he has a great influence in modern society.
He had the foresight and especially the godly Giesus, recognizing Him as number 1 in his life and offering all glory to Him.
His biggest dream is to have the money to expand the kingdom of God across this planet.
The Company officers are mostly Christians, must set the standard of GOD GIESUS as company owner. The noble slogan is “THE MYSTERIOUS DREAM ”. The company always recruits talented financial experts and talented, virtuous, and excellent professionals in many fields, having to work hard. Doing whatever is considered a work for God, dedication to the community, yes Many years of experience in business, the staff are trained with extensive skills and knowledge in the fields of stock and Marketing, specialized in the financial field, good in technology, always serving customers. above their expectations and ensure that the interests of investors are effective and effective.
Glink is aimed at professional investors applying for business in digital asset areas.
Digital paintings and they are sold under a franchise with the Artist’s Trademark and Pen Name: David Chinh Truong, he won the US Green Palm Tree Award and is accompanied by 5 international awards from 2015 to 2020. Top 60 World Master.

Expected business description of financial revenue for 2021 to 2025
I / Quarter 1/2022.
From January to March 2022

Auction of 01 works of painter Pablo Picasso, the price starts from 10 million to 120 million USD.

1 / Artist: DAVID CHINH TRUONG (Top 1 of 5 International Awards)
The work is titled: SAC THU
Size, year of creation.
Prices Starting from: $ 10,000 to $ 2,000,000.00

2 / Artist: DAVID CHINH TRUONG (Top 1 of 5 International Awards)
Size, year of creation.
Prices Starting from: $ 10,000 to 1,000,000.00

3 / Artist: DAVID CHINH TRUONG(Top 1 of 5 International Awards)
Size, year of creation.
Prices Starting from: $ 10,000 to 1,000,000.00

4 / Artist: DAVID CHINH TRUONG (Top 1 of 5 International Awards)
Size, “40X 60” years of creation.
Prices Starting from: $ 10,000 to 1,000,000.00


Auction of 01 works of painter Pablo Picasso, the starting price is from 10 million to 50 million.

1 / Artist: DAVID CHINH TRUONG (Top 1 of 5 International Awards)
The work is titled: HA NOI MUA THU
Size, “45 X75” year of creation. 2018
Prices Starting from: $ 10,000 to $ 1,000,000.00

2 / Artist: DAVID CHINH TRUONG (Top 1 of 5 International Awards)
The work is titled: SAPA LANDSCAP
Size, 40 ”X 60” year of creation 2017
Prices Starting from: $ 10,000 to $ 1,000,000.00

3 / Artist:  DAVID CHINH TRUONG (Top 1 of 5 International Awards)
Work named:
Size, year of creation.
Prices Starting from: $ 50,000 to 1,000,000.00

4 / Artist: DAVID CHINH TRUONG (Top 1 of 5 International Awards)
Work titled: LAST SUPER
Size, 60 “X 72” year of creation 2O10
Prices Starting from: $ 50,000 to $ 2,000,000.00


– Applying for the exclusive right to transfer technology with aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing Corporation of the United States to build a project of a factory to manufacture Marine Aircraft from 5 to 12 seats This Vietnam has never had).Let’s imagine that the whole community of Glink International will use cars manufactured by the corporation, how will the corporate image be spread widely? Company value will increase day by day.


3.1. The goal of the project
Supplying and meeting the market’s increasing demand for various types of investment and expanding production and business in domestic and foreign markets.
Get the number of customers from potential markets in Vietnam and internationally
Providing reputable, quality items quickly and at affordable prices.
Modernizing the distribution system, serving the supply needs of prestigious output products.
Building a solid cooperative relationship, brand known to many consumers.
Become a distributor – strategic retailer for domestic and foreign manufacturers.
3.2. The need for business expansion
Step on the integrated economy which is on the rise in the Vietnamese market; A place where many countries around the world tend to open businesses and invest in Vietnam, in which the construction of high-rise buildings, apartments, villas and restaurants is constantly developing and Vietnam soon becomes. become the pearl of the Far East that the United States has given its name since before 1975.
For the house built much to provide for housing needs, the display of decorative paintings for the house or office is indispensable. and they are considered to be value-added assets in the future. According to forecasts of Vietnamese economists, the demand for painting products in Vietnam is; According to financial experts, it is expected that an average increase of 10 – 12% per year (in the period of 2021 – 2025). It is expected that by 2025, the country will need to sell around 20,000,000,00 to 40,000,000 copies (from twenty to forty million copies) to meet the domestic demand in Vietnam as well as for tourists from all over the world.
According to art researcher Nguyen Quan:
Since the 1990s, the Vietnamese painting market has flourished, mainly sold to foreigners who travel for them to collect, the price is very relatively, according to the difficult life at that time. After that, this market developed strongly until 1996, then went down for a long time, and flourished again in the last 5 years, divided into many recognizable features: Painting market of Truong artists Indochina Fine Arts College (very high price, from a few tens of thousands to a few million US dollars). There is also a market of paintings by a number of contemporary contemporary artists that are enjoyed by a large number of Vietnamese. Collectors returning from abroad and private domestic collectors, new middle-class intellectuals and civil servants, some very young people (around 30-40 years old) are art collectors and collectors. valuable.
In terms of Art, both the work and the author will be confirmed by timestamps depending on the audience’s weak market, the market will judge its value. Well-known artists and artists can sell their works well, creating a market where many people love and collect art works, so Glink chose the market outside the US market. Vietnam is the first point of departure.
Hand-painted art is a potential market and will thrive in the coming years, especially in the integration period. The consolidation of the quality of human resources, building up its own customer database, through a methodical and professional sales and approach strategy is essential for Glink in the standard phase. be “exploded” this.
In addition, improving the skills and profession of staff, professionalizing management processes, expanding and developing potential customers will be the launch pad for Glink to “fly high” during the year. 2021Step on the stock exchange and develop continuously.

To meet the needs of collectors to buy Art paintings, Glink Group has promptly appeared in Vietnam to meet this demand.
Swots analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)


The growing social demand of art auction centers is increasingly attracting the attention of Vietnamese and foreigners. As such a potential market, Glink has quickly built up its own sales database through a method of approaching customers and a professional and professional sales system.


– Why can Glink compete and beat conventional businesses in Vietnam and internationally?
– In Vietnam and the world, there seem to be many companies specializing in this industry professionally, most of them are individuals or small businesses, so weak competitiveness, poor governance, network dealer nets are not professionally built in chain stores.


– Pictures and paintings are in the list of special items, with little competition, a thriving market and great demand
– Large user audience and distinct segments by region and geography
– Trend of international and regional integration
– The loosen government policy creates opportunities for many private enterprises to participate in market development so Glink has controlled the market and its plan in just the first year may have large revenue.
– Due to the foreign policy during the integration period of the United States with Vietnam, the presence of Glink Group from the United States is essential to leverage the rapid development and market ownership.
Normally, companies doing business in new areas often have many initial challenges, but Glink has quickly penetrated the market through media and advertising channels two years prior from 2019 to 2020 and will be knowledge will come into operation in Vietnam in the first quarter of 2021.

Threaten (Challenge)

– In the field of painting and painting, currently in Vietnam market, there is no such business as Glink so there are no competitors, customers are usually interested in reputable brands. Credits for award-winning and contemporary fashion.
– In the past two years, although not officially operating in Vietnam, Glink has promoted and sponsored many programs to promote branding programs, promote on television stations and newspapers in Vietnam to pave the way for business. Company officially integrates according to international standards. In addition, Glink has Glink Tv online channel and 5 Vietpress USA online newspapers, Today’s star, Global beauty, art news, Glink App, Glink Shop, …
– The specialty of Glink is being interested by young people and departments because of the difference is that: Most of the weaknesses of the shops selling copy paintings they are trading in the old tradition is that they do not have registration Copyright. A copy without copyright is against the law, and if sued can result in bankruptcy. Glink’s art works are fully copyrighted to ensure prestige and high value for customers.


5.1 Product and production plan
– Online business
– Bring business opportunities to participants:
Limited ownership of paintings
– Receive shares for ownership
– Download technology pictures to USB and print them for sale in the market.
Expected plan from 2023-2025
Will open a coffee chain or joint venture with coffee and culinary restaurants as strategic partners across 63 provinces, each coffee shop displays art products, and is also the venue for clubs to carry out the auction and talent selection, student enrollment, travel and resettlement to the US to provide Glink Arts Ineternational Company.
Based on the manufacturing and exporting experience of Minh Phuong partner, the company signed a draft cooperation agreement in 2020 and plans to launch the project to officially put into production and export to the US as well as other countries. Expected to buy 20 ~ 50% of this factory to produce Glink Art Coffee branded Ginseng Coffee, after going into stability, the two sides will invest more capital of about 15 million USD – 20 million USD. to build agricultural factories, purchase and process agricultural products, and sign cooperation with crop farms with organic fertilizers that do not have hazardous drugs complying with US standards to provide clean food. for customers.
5.2 Post-investment production plan
Acquiring a number of companies or opening more subsidiaries totaling 12 companies including industries to serve the needs of cultural and social life to create jobs for many people in America in particular. and the world in general.
5.3. Market and target customers
5.3.1. Target market
• Focusing on the Protestant Church market to help pastors and church members get jobs, help them settle into their lives and apply the missionary plan in Vietnam and around the world.
• Focus on singers, musicians …
Organize meetings, interact with stars, singer and songwriters, auction paintings by artist David Truong Ngoc Chinh and Picasso works are exclusively owned by the company.
• Focused on financial analysts and investors specializing in securities trading.
Advertising on the mass media and organizing workshops, led by experts to attract more large investors, long-term and medium-term financial experts and international traders. shares of Glink before IPO and after IPO.
In addition to Sales (In the form of sharing economy)
We focus on financial analysts to understand the company’s strategic vision and plan, and to train and recommend others to join for the purpose of profiting from investments.
Focusing on knowledge objects specializing in business activities through technology paintings.
• Real estate
Link with real estate investors, bring pictures to the apartment / villa package when customers buy and introduce to customers about investment opportunities when buying / selling technology paintings for revenue Passive income in mortgage payments
• Hotel / restaurant service industry
The famous paintings by artist David Truong Chinh will be introduced to restaurants, hotels, spas, and beauty treatments by organizing events, signing live signatures at the event, taking photos. with artist and musicians to promote in their business. This customer will also be the owner of the paintings and can trade in technology paintings or auction each of the original high-value works, but also reserve shares for many people who own the same painting. share profits or rising stocks and artwork also increases in price over time at least 10% annual growth.
The targeted market is high-end products.
+ Pilot business model in central and southern city centers, large industrial parks such as Vung Ang, Tinh Gia, Chu Lai industrial parks …
+ Aiming to cover all regions of the Central and the South, nationwide and abroad.
5.1.2. Target customers and approach
Customers buy often
+ Business customers:
Enterprises trading in auxiliary fields, supplementing the main products of the company …
+ Loyal customers:
These are customers who regularly visit and use the services of the enterprise
+ Customers only buy when there are discounts or promotions
– The number of customers of this group who buy quite often. These will be the target customers to help businesses release their inventories fastest and are therefore a major source of additional cash flow when needed. Therefore, the commercial enterprise should take good care of this customer.
+ Customers buy by inspiration

– This group of customers is people who do not have specific needs. They can hang out, visit stores and choose to buy items that interest them without prior planning.
• Customers buy when needed
– This group of customers has a clear intention of buying a particular product.
5.2. Marketing – sales plan
Marketing plan:
+ Increased sales staff with 2 to 3 years of experience in the industry, bringing products directly to customers to offer products of the business.
+ Advertising through the media and the internet.
About the promotion
+ Promotion: a series of products or focus for a strategic product.
+ Forms of promotion:
– Promotion according to the bill value
– Buy free goods
– Buy from time …. to time …. get a discount.
– Sales by Combo.

About customer care
– Create membership cards, loyalty cards.
– Consulting products
– Gift wrapping service for free or at a reasonable fee.
– Customer care service, for big customers we will have their own care to make them satisfied with the product.
– Customer management system includes the following information:
+ Manage customer details and contact information;
+ Every month, the sales staff is responsible for taking care of customers regularly
Ability to statistics sales of customers
+ The ability of customer sales statistics to be in the top of the highest sales
+ Support customer service functions

– Customer care management system includes the following information:
+ Access customers track purchase history, purchase sales
+ Order status (if any)
+ Promotions
+ Always update customer feedback and resolve in the shortest time
+ Manage security to access the system
+ The company follows and regularly evaluates customer service of the customer service department to have plans to improve or promote
+ Regularly monitor the quality of employees during work after participating in training programs to assess the quality and ensure that the quality of customer care does not deteriorate over time.
+ When having any problem with the product, users want to “reach” good and dedicated employees to thoroughly solve the problem for them. Therefore, having excellent employees dedicated to serving customers, companies will gain the trust of users for their customer service.

About branding:
Create a good impression on customers through sales experience, service attitude of employees, rich and diverse goods, display of goods, promotions, after-sales service …
The message conveys: It is short, concise and personal, the easier it is to recognize “Quality creates value”.
Image: Focus on only one brand image throughout (1-5 year plan period) to convey through all forms of promotion. An image through but not synonymous with a single ad. The advertising templates are both topical (through different stages), both systematic, thorough and synchronous; companies collaborate with a single Agency, at least in the field of Design – Designing and Design identity.
Color: Along with images, color is a particularly important factor in human cognitive processes. Therefore, special attention is paid to the element of Color consistency in all forms of branding.

5.3. Market development plan
– Find a way to sell existing products on new markets.
– Promote marketing activities
– Expand distribution networks as well as branches in new potential areas, reaching out to districts and provinces in the country.
– Looking for potential, sustainable, long-term supplier
– Gratitude to customers: In a period of market economy with increasingly fierce competition, customers will have many choices when deciding to spend money for a product or service. That means customers can leave the business at any time if the policies don’t satisfy them.

5.4. Business development plan
5.4.1. Management plan
Building an integrated management system of factors including suppliers, personnel, products, customers and small elements within it to improve the performance of the entire shopping mall system. selling under a modern model and realizing a business strategy
5.4.2. Product strategy
– Focus on wholesale channel. Need to improve and promote sales and after-sales services to meet the increasing demand. Thereby it will reinforce existing customers as well as attract new customers from competitors.
– Expanding online sales, because this will be a popular sales channel in the future when the society is growing.
– The information is on the company’s newspapers such as the website: Glink App, Glink News, Glink Arts and published in prestigious newspapers, on the online TV channel GlinkArt TV and the company’s own page to advertise. Glink Tube deal, content moderated official information and customers can view and download on iOS and Android … all fully updated information about products, promotional information, … and relevant information for customers to easily find, refer to the product to be purchased.
– Marketing plan of the Company to increase market share from
5% to 20% after 5 years, promoting the brand, penetrating the Southern market, the revenue growth rate of 25-30%.
– In order to allocate well resources and choose a portfolio for investment and investment
price of market attractiveness and the strength of the Company through method
General Electric. Market attractiveness indicators include: the size of the whole market, the annual growth rate of the market, the intensity of competition, the degree of weakness due to inflation, technology requirements, and micro environmental impact. , material requirements. Profits from previous years. The strength indicators of the Company include: market share, growth of market share, product quality, brand reputation, production performance, management personnel, distribution network, production capacity, research research and development, finance -> through analysis, the company found that the attractiveness of the market is average, the strength of the company: medium -> so the company needs to have a strategy:
+ Protect existing market share.
+ Focus on investing in potentially market segments
profitability and relatively low risk.
– The company has a major market share in the North, so it will apply the “challenger strategy” in the North and “the strategy to squeeze the market corner” in the South.
+ Deeply penetrating into the northern market based on the strategic partners that the company currently has
+ Offensive businesses that specialize in supplying to large enterprises by setting up branches to penetrate more and more mechanical facilities in cities and towns, while maintaining institutional customers to keep market share.
+ Offensive to guerrilla the main markets of the companies to prevent them from easy development, and at the same time as a springboard to invade the market when these companies loosen
+ Expanding new products by importing high-grade welding wire for sale in the domestic market (serving the needs of domestic shipbuilding and auto assembly and industries with high quality requirements …).
+ At transaction areas that set up penetration barriers, through price policy for familiar customers, apply customer retention tips for employees.
Building sales management as follows:
Sales at the counter, delivery of goods
+ Manage orders
+ Handling of different pricing policies
+ Processing orders: Retail sales, wholesale
+ Manage the status of orders
+ Manage the customer return process, the price to be paid …
Warehouse management, materials
+ Ability to manage many warehouses at many different addresses: transfer warehouse management, deliver goods from specified warehouses, statistics for each warehouse
+ Inventory and check raw materials from suppliers …
+ Exporting materials
+ Handling the transfer of goods and materials in stock
+ Track inventory
+ Manage minimum storage level
+ Handling of the quantity in stock has received the quantity deposit that is being ordered
+ Inventory report: synthesize import-export, inventory report by time.


1.1. Warehouse and management method
Glink has 3 large offices in California, opening branches in Japan, the Philippines and Asian countries.
In Vietnam, there are over 2000 members who are spreading and developing constantly to stand firmly and confirm a significant step forward of Glink in the Vietnamese market.
– In addition to great advantages, Glink Shop has organized warehouses in many provinces, and the management and monitoring activities are also transparent.
Glink Coffe is produced by American technology and is being distributed in the Vietnamese market in the third quarter of 2020 and then carries out the process of importing goods with the process of exporting goods to the US and countries in Asia and Europe.
The management departments are trained and trained in sales skills from the sales and accounting department to directly monitor the import and export of goods and cross-check the data at the warehouse. Ensure the actual amount of import – export in accordance with the vouchers and invoices. The warehouse department is in charge of safety, import and export, monitoring inventory and loss, and periodically reporting to the Sales Department. Export goods only when there is a written request from the Sales Department.

1.2. Debt and management method
The company has built a professional sales system based on the company’s principles and charter, transparent accounting and audited invoices, tracking and taking care of customers, detailing non-supply and demand expenses. and support customers on their expectations.
The Accounting and Sales Department is responsible for managing documents related to arising transactions: importing, exporting and storing goods, comparing the daily fund book including total revenue and expenditure and end-of-day fund balance; make monthly tax reports and other reports for the tax department, balance the inventory and output tax, plan to synthesize revenue and expenditure for the business by categories.
– Invoice process
– Payment process
– Collection process
The Sales Department and departments always report and coordinate in the development of the above procedures to ensure the management of capital recovery quickly and effectively whenever a proposed project needs to be implemented if possible. exam.
In the first and second quarter of 2020, the premise year in the company’s restructuring and expansion plan, and internal regulations are issued, so the company’s expenses account for a relatively small proportion of the total. revenue and premises of businesses (3.28%). That will show the efficiency in managing and working according to standard procedures.

1.3. Classification of sales in the Vietnamese market.
In 2020, GLINK will focus on the Southern market (accounting for 55%), and focus on strong development in the South due to its geographical advantages and regional nature. Wall paintings are popularly decorated in the South and Central. The Company’s orientation by the end of 2020 is to maintain the market that has been achieved and develop and expand the market both in terms of customers as well as the geographical area to ensure sales and increase exponential customer growth.
• Classification by product:
The Southern market maintains and develops market share by orienting the deployment of old customer care, educating and creating trends for the stock investment market to target new customers. Focusing on ensuring the quality and quantity of goods delivered to customers to build prestige with customers, building a traditional customer group, on that basis, developing and expanding a new customer network.
The North and the Central region focus on urban areas, condominiums to link and create potential markets to introduce the author’s paintings. For rural areas, to step up the development of F2 to sell USB paintings and sell in the market.
• Classification by customers:

Currently, the company has main customers: Agent Customers, VIP Customers and Retail Customers. The highest concentration of output is still agent customers, accounting for 60%. The company advocates always giving the best care policies to all types of customers, at the same time combining searching and expanding new customers, potential customers.
1.4. Price policy is applied according to the dollar exchange rate at the home bank rate.
For Agent Customer system:
The price applied to agent customers, retail customers is the agreed price with this discount, which changes from time to time, depending on market developments, on the supplier’s price.
Financial policy
– Based on the committed sales when signing the annual contract, agents will be participating in the discount program on sales exclusively for GLINK agents. Based on the results of purchase and other cooperation commitments, agents will be entitled to the price policy for the respective agent level.
– Encourage dealers to pay immediately by offering two different discount options when purchasing with and without liabilities from time to time.
Supporting policies
– Agents are allowed to participate in all promotions and sales promotion of GLINK and upstream Distributors.
– Provided agent to provide author’s copy and USB paintings 24/7 in normal business conditions.
For VIP system:
– Enjoy priority policy.
– There is a policy of paying bonuses to premium agent commissions and rewards for VIP orders.
– Encourage the purchase of goods immediately or by installments by offering two different prices.
1.5. Sales plan
In 2020, GLINK Company will continue to consider the Vietnamese market as the core, and at the same time, focus on strongly developing the market of the Company, which is to maintain the achieved market and develop and expand the market both in terms of customers as well as the geographical area to ensure sales and service quality.
– Total production is expected by 2021
The company will focus on commercial business, expand the market, develop a variety of products to increase output, revenue, and profit to have a stable growth trend shown through quarterly and Growth.
Expected output level of 2021 is built on the basis of the company’s existing customers and potential customers who have been inquired and approached by the Company. In the year 2021, with the orientation of expanding the business area and increasing market share, the Company determines to build a group of traditional customers and maximize development for the group of potential customers and classify by sales method:
From there, it will bring net profits and then be shared by each dividend and divided by quarter. Every 3 months

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1.6. HR administration system: regulations and implementation process

– Human Resource Management (12 processes / implementation instructions)

This plan has been approved by the Board of Directors meeting and approved, the sub-departments according to the implementation regulations.
The documents will be printed in hard copy with red stamp and stuck on the notice board of the Company and Branch and will be posted on the company’s website: GlinkArts, Glinkappvn
During the implementation process, it will continue to review and revise, which can be regularly updated and supplemented with new regulations to suit the actual conditions.
The Board of Directors will meet periodically according to the plan at least once a month and then send the dispatch to the HR administrative offices to coordinate with the departments and branches to conduct inspection by writing regulations, The issued process at Glink is the basis for evaluating and enhancing the sense of responsibility to comply with the proposed Interpetro regulations.



The project investor directly manages the implementation and establishes the operation division of the project according to the following model:

• YEAR 2021.

  • Option A – will expand the market for selling paintings in Vietnam.
  • Option B – Will buy back companies operating in Vietnam.
  • Option C – Open a Joint Venture company and cooperate with joint venture factories to produce consumer goods to supply global markets. The personnel recruitment system will be applied through a press conference to invite and recruit Directors and managers with experience in management and operation from large companies. You can use the services of large reputable companies that are leading the professional in providing human resources in Vietnam.

• Either Build the Leadership Board, Advisory Board, Head of Divisions and Human Resource Specialists responsible for recruiting, through personal relationships, or through existing partnerships in work… Love First Recruit employees from Labor Sources in the Christian Churches to work for Glink Corporation.

  • Post on the company’s website: Candidates can view information and submit online profiles directly.
  • Free recruitment website: Careerlink,,,
  • Free recruitment website: Vietnamworks … because it is a reputable recruitment website with a higher quality of candidates than the current fee-based websites.
  • For professional expertise, the project will recruit and plan professional training and retraining for staff to serve the project in the future operation.

The organizational structure is decentralized according to a vertical model to ensure information continuity between management levels and employees. With the general direction of the Director, decentralized management includes Sales, Finance – Accounting, and Human Resources.

– Director: is the person who affects the decision of success or failure of the business. The director of an enterprise is a person assigned by the owner of an enterprise to manage and run the business under the one-head regime, and is responsible to the owner for all activities of the enterprise as well as the results of activities there. At the same time enjoy remuneration commensurate with the results brought. The Director is selected and invited to be someone with ability and experience in the field depending on the major of the company.
– Business Department:
The main task of the sales department is to sign successful contracts with customers, find and reach potential customers. Sales Department is divided into two departments Marketing and Sales Department.
+ Head of Marketing Department is the Marketing Manager responsible for coordinating Marketing activities and branding of the project to customers. Hit strongly on target customers “High-class customer segment”
+ Head of the sales department is the sales manager responsible for the project’s sales. Telesales staff collect customer data, take advantage of available customer data, communicate, invite potential customers. Potential customers are brought through the sales department to close sales. Telesales staff has the main task of closing sales with customers.
+ With an average sales closing rate of 7% on the number of calls.
– Finance – Accounting Department: The main task is to plan and control cash flow and work out a financial plan. The finance and accounting department is divided into 2 divisions.
+ The head of the finance and planning department is the finance manager. The main task of the finance department is to ensure the balance of corporate cash flows. Use financial options to improve operational efficiency.
+ The head of the accounting department is the chief accountant. The main duties of the accounting department are to report on business results, report and comply with the tax regime.
– Human Resources Department: With the main function of recruiting, professional training for new employees, professional training for old employees, KPI monitoring and evaluation.
The company has invested in the headquarter according to a system of fully equipped office blocks to serve the work to introduce the company’s strategic products and warehouse.


8.1. Conclude.

The project “Business expansion” is a feasible project for target customers, and at the same time brings great socio-economic benefits.

8.2. Recommendation for investment support and recommendations.

Based on research and analysis results, the Production and Business Expansion Project is a feasible project to attract business owners to invest and promote convenient consumption demand in the context of economic market development. enter as present.

With the practical effects analyzed above, the investor calls upon investors who have demand and capacity to work together to build a project to expand production and business to accompany the development company.

8.3. Glink is a Christian standard project, we believe in God and God has always directed us to serve the community in the best way.

Our motto is always mentioned in our shows


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