David Chinh Truong and the magical dream

David. Chinh Truong was born in 1971 in. Hai Duong. He grew up with years of hard work with time. After finishing high school, he won the first prize of the Hoa Phuong red contest through solo Huyen Huyen Cam (1996 in Hai Duong) after that music award. He became a musician and sponsored a scholarship at the School of Arts and Culture, taught by Mr. Vu Duc Nhuan as the principal. David Chinh Truong left his school chair in 1989 and then went to Hong Kong and became a music teacher for the United Nations High Commissioner 1990 – 1998. This time around David Chinh Truong has been constantly learning through the curriculum of the Royal Conservatory of Music, then he returned to Vietnam and formed a New Way band with 5 foreign members including the Deputy Embassy of Spain, Swiss Cultural Attaché, Sweden, Norway … After success, David was invited to attend the Vietnamese Cultural Week in the French Republic and was granted a Fine Arts Research Scholarship in Paris. David began the artistic path of talent gifted by God. David Chinh Truong has embarked on a journey of traveling abroad to a number of European countries: Poland, Czech Republic, France … working with you to draw pictures, compose music, perform shows … make money from selling paintings with so many hard ups and downs, all those moments of hard labor, the Lord blessed him to come to America by the invitation of the Mayor of New Britain. David continued to research and improve his knowledge and become the best palm tree today. David received three International Fine Arts Awards, 2016 in France, 2018 and 2019 in the United States and one of the best awards in 2019 was won by New York Fine Arts.

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