Vision, Mission

Vision , Mission

Business operation goals of the company

Right from the beginning of establishment, the founding shareholders and company management have clearly defined goals: Doing business lawfully, meeting market demands, choosing unique and creative fields, mainly art, fine arts, discovering talent training, attracting all classes, all countries, all social sectors to participate, connecting businesses and people around the world, contributing to making the live well, grow fast and sustainably, make big profits, dedicated to charitable activities, support the poor, and give special priority to Vietnam

Vision and mission of the company

Vision: Providing a unique top new business model, creating opportunities for talented people to develop their capabilities, the company trades in many industries but focuses on three main activities: painting, academy and events. Exam towards multinational community

Mission: Focusing on the business of fine arts and art, thus becoming the first art company in the world to apply 4.0 technology and issue shares to all customers. combining the sale of new products and quality products and the sale of art paintings on the global market and in Vietnam

Constantly updating, innovating and applying advanced teaching methods and tools in a creative, challenging, stimulating and nurturing environment for students’ lifelong learning to maximize their potential their power in life

Honor Vietnamese intelligence and beauty through the contests, and organize many charitable activities for the community

The company’s core values:

• Integrity: Integrity, honesty in conduct and in all activities, transactions and business

• Respect: Respect yourself, colleagues, companies, respect partners, uphold the principle of mutual respect.

• Fairness: Fairness with employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders

• Responsibility: Understand and maintain a sense of responsibility not only for yourself but also for others, in order to achieve consistent results consistent with the organization’s orientation.

• Mutual development: Not only is a business, the Company is committed to becoming a collective with high social and environmental responsibility, based on innovative and innovative thinking, dare to think and dare to do, desire to learn. and always attaches great importance to the final effect in all activities

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