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Abbreviation name :GLINK ARTS GLOBAL GROUP.,

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To expand production and business activities to meet the growing needs of the market. Become a strategic distributor in domestic and foreign markets. Build a network of consumers with stable demand, high value around the globe.


Becoming “OFFICIAL AND PROFESSIONAL DISTRIBUTOR” to meet the requirements of customers, is a strategic partner of large domestic and foreign manufacturers and businesses.

Becoming one of the leading companies operating in the field of art activities in Vietnam and internationally with high efficiency.


Desiring to bring to customers the best quality and most suitable products, the best quality for all investment fields. Meet the highest in accordance with the needs of use with the best service quality, reasonable price.


Glink Art Capital Holding has built a team of professional staff to best serve customers based on the corporate culture under a unique and innovative business model and strive to overcome the fierce competition of the market. In order to bring financial freedom to investors through art and technology …

During the epidemic, Glink connected the globe with unlimited space and time, developed an online and offline sales system, opened training courses on zoom and brought good results.

Build a sales system of agents and enjoy commissions in accordance with the laws set forth by countries such as the United States and Vietnam.

prepare for the integration process, welcome large corporations, mobilize the participation of many economic sectors. Build a common community of employees, employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

Quality Policy

With the aim of always satisfying customers and towards perfection, the motto accompanies us throughout the operation:

– Dedicated service.

– Continuously improving.

– Desire to rise.

– Quality products.

Core values

– Art work

– Create art playground

– Trade connection with customers, investors, business enthusiasts, art enthusiasts

– Sustainable development win / win

– Bringing people closer together

– Build a better and better society.

Ability to meet Supply and Demand

To meet the needs of collectors buying Art paintings, Glink Group will be present in Vietnam in 2021 to meet this need.

The supplier strength manifests itself in the following characteristics:

– The importance of product quantity for the supplier.

– The difference of the providers

– The influence of the inputs.

Existence of alternative suppliers.

For Glink, there is no pressure to produce because it is selling art products under franchised intellectual property, developing a network of dealerships under clubs established in small towns. state to distribute Glink group products.

No pressure from competitors despite the project just starting to operate. Business in the market.

Due to the creativity of the Group President with many years of experience and has studied business administration in a training program organized by the European Community Commission, from the extensive knowledge that he learned. now put into practice and retrained for the company’s employees, with the new approach applied in accordance with international standards on a technology platform and applying the company’s salary and share bonus policy at In the United States, customers who invest in painting are given promotional shares so it has become a public company, customers can own shares out of a total issue of 1 billion shares. Part: Therefore attractive to the market and attracting investors because they will all enjoy business benefits, and are co-owners of shares of the company, and receive periodic profit distribution; Thus, everyone can dedicate and work ceaselessly to introduce new customers to invest and work for the company.

The company applies promotional policies, increases discounts, increases commissions and rewards shares to attract customers to invest and purchase consumer goods on glinkshop to expand the consumer market to develop more and more. stronger.