Vision – Mission


  • Becoming one of the leading companies operating in the field of art activities in Vietnam and internationally with high efficiency.
  • Become an “official and exclusive distributor specializing in the field of technology combined with fine arts” to meet the requirements of customers, strategic partners of large domestic and foreign manufacturers and businesses.
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The purpose is to create jobs for Christians, financially support pastors, missionaries, build churches, chapels, organize festival programs and evangelize people Vietnam and other countries, support scholarships for artistic talents, organize competitions to find musical prodigies, singer-artists – painters, and help talents to be developed globally. Desiring to bring to customers the best quality and most suitable products, the best quality for all investment fields. Meet the highest in accordance with the needs of use with the best service quality, reasonable price.

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To expand production and business activities to meet the growing needs of the market. Become a strategic distributor in domestic and foreign markets. Build a network of consumers with stable demand, high value around the globe.

Quality Policy

With the aim of always satisfying customers and towards perfection, the motto accompanies us throughout the operation:

  • Dedicated service.
  • Continuously improving
  • Desire to rise.
  • Quality products.